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Here at Chrysalis Communications we love New Business and specialise in sales and marketing for SMEs. We realise new business is the is the lifeblood of all organisations, large and small alike. We all need new customers to sustain and grow- but the reality, especially for smaller and medium sized companies, is that they often lack the time, or the expertise (sometimes both) to do new business justice. As soon as a new customer comes in all hands are on deck, and the pipeline goes unattended.


This is where Chrysalis Communications fit in. Since 2013 we have been partnering with SMEs to help them achieve their new business goals. We work closely with our clients, on a consultative basis- and develop solutions suited to your size and budget. Listening and talking through with you we help identify the opportunity, the market, and key stakeholders. We then develop processes which will allow those potential new customers to be reached quickly, professionally, and effectively.  It is all about ROI- and we will have identified and agreed KPIs in advance so that project success can be monitored.

The services we offer really depends on your goals. Sales and Marketing for SMEs take many forms. We believe first and foremost that in today’s markets data is king. We will clean your existing data, improve its quality, and develop new leads and sections when needed. Vitally we ensure all data is kept in a system that makes sense for you. Sometimes this is a spreadsheet (ideally not) but  we often integrate CRM into a company so that you can build on that data and create meaningful marketing strategies moving forward.

Before starting on the outbound we can audit your existing marketing assets, such as your website- to make sure the messaging is primed to reassure and encourage new customers.

We frown upon cold calling as as first point of engagement- and prefer to warm up leads using digital channels and social media. We are well versed in email automation systems such as Mailchimp, Yesware, ToutApp, and HubSpot. Once a lead is cultivated we can handle and on board end to end, set an appointment, or pass it straight over to you and your team to do your magic.

As an agile SME working with SMEs our prices are structured to be flexible and sensitive- and on your journey with Chrysalis Communications you begin as our clients- and end as our partner. Contact us today to discuss sales and marketing for SMEs.